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  • Better Movement

    Our handheld devices help to achieve a better walking and running experience and efficiency.

    Provides support and thrive for your exercise

  • Improved Posture

    Proper upper body posture enhances performance and efficiency and aligns the biomechanics of the movement

  • Connected Arm Swing

    Activates the hand-brain connection for conscious motion. Acts as feedback provider to the running motion (sensorimotor neuronal synchronisation)

  • Prevents Injury

    Prevents potential injuries caused by incorrect walking or running techniques. Helps to prevent clenching and cramping

  • Improved Balance

    Connects the kinetic chain of hands/arms/upper body/lower body/legs for optimised synchronisation and balance

  • AUSTRALIAN Made and owned

  • Ecologically Sourced and Bio Degradable

  • TGA Approved

    Certified by the Therapeutical Goods Administration Australia (TGA), safe for therapeutical use

    TGA certified ARTG No:421573

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