about rgees

rgees, an Australian-founded company with a global presence, specialises in Health and Fitness-related Products and Services. The company is dedicated to ensuring that its customers experience the maximum benefits from its offerings. Additionally, rgees is committed to sustainable production practices, evident in both its production methods and the materials employed. A distinctive advantage is gained through a streamlined Research-to-Production process, integrating each step seamlessly. This approach not only enhances flexibility and speed in product development and scalability but also contributes to cost efficiency.

Experience the distinctive Fitness Innovation of rgees PACING GRIPS. These lightweight, ergonomic grips are designed to be held in your hands while running or walking, seamlessly connecting with the exercise motion. Developed on the scientific foundation of neural feedback from our sense of touch.

The patented product 'PACING GRIPS', a result of over three years of development and testing, was officially launched in 2023. Tailored for runners and walkers of all skill levels, 'PACING GRIPS' specifically target the support for hands, forearms, and the upper body, contributing to improved posture during athletic walking and running activities.

The handheld grips come in individually tailored sizes, offering the advantages of sensory feedback and perceived stabilisation during the running motion. This design aims to enhance the athlete's efficiency, providing a valuable edge in their performance.

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